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what the creators are saying

Being a Creator on Toffu has been one of the best decisions I've made! My heart jumps from excitement every time someone orders one of my packs. It makes me very happy that people like my drawings and use them in their projects. Toffu is very intuitive and it's super easy to upload your content. And if you have any problems, they are happy to help :)

Hello! I am Handan, an architect, and illustrator from Turkey. I have been part of Toffu as a content maker since December 2020. I started to plan the content for the following months, review the selling rates, understand the demand for the specific type of content, and alternate my content types according to the different trends in the marketplace. I feel I am running my small business besides my creative persona, which is an excellent experience. I love being part of the Toffu community and am thrilled to share my upcoming content with the market users. Cheers :)

See all creator comments avatar We developed great communication with Toffu and their great motivation for my illustration is evident from the start to today. It not only showcases my detailed drawing passion, but it also provides a community environment for me to bring these products together with designers all around the world.

I first began to draw my own human figure illustrations when I couldn’t find suitable ones online for my school projects. Looking for drawing resources online, I noticed a lack of diversity in the scale figures available, not just in terms of ethnicity but also in the postures and activities that were featured. To present more options, thereby being part of a change in the way we visualize architecture, is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a creator at Toffu.