10 Architecture Studios With Inspiring Representations

Without a doubt, Instagram is wonderful for discovering young architecture studios! I coincide with pretty inspiring teams to get out of the ordinary. I think, amazing representations, surprising transformations, minimalist interventions, innovative projects, collective productions, and more… I want to be among them. This list may be a good suggestion for internship applications, workshops, or collaborations.

I had a pretty big list. It was so difficult for me to choose 10 studios. Let’s look at the architecture studios I have chosen for you from around the world!

STUDIO MUTT | Liverpool, England

Founded by Graham Burn, James Crawford and Alexander Turner.

MUTT explores the scope of architectural responsibility through a variety of media and offers a different approach to the traditionally insular creative fields by operating at all scales of cultural enterprise. The underlying aim of the studio is to develop an alternative form of architectural practice. It’s like these representations are talking to us! Giant arrows, speech bubbles, and lively humans… All of them tell us about the design.

NORD Architects | Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded by Morten Rask Gregersen, Johannes Molander Pedersen and Mia Baarup Tofte.

NORD, a cross-disciplinary consulting company, was founded in 2003. They explain themselves “We make buildings, urban spaces and urban development, that take part in developing healthy and coherent communities with respect for diversity and people’s life situations.” I love their visualizations that are like sketches. I think they are inspiring and original.

PUBLICA | London, England

Founded by Lucy Musgrave.

PUBLICA founded in 2010, is a research and urban design practice that works at a variety of scales, from the detailed design of a single street to setting the vision and strategy for an entire district. Undoubtedly, there is a reality called the Publica’s visualization language! Their representation is a section of everyday life.

YELLOW OFFICE | Milano, Italy

Founded by Francesca Benedetto.

YELLOW OFFICE founded in 2008, is an architectural firm with a particular focus on landscape architecture and urbanism, combining research and design. I love that they created their representation language in every different project. They are changing their visualizations according to design. Or so I interpret.


Founded by Li Han and Hu Yan in Beijing.

DRAWING ARCHITECTURE STUDIO founded in 2013, is committed to the practice of architectural drawing, architectural design, and urban studies. DAS explores the possibilities of drawing, space, and urban studies in a unique way. They use engineering drawing software as a tool and derive inspiration from architecture, art, popular culture, and daily life to create magnificent and complex images for urban landscapes. At the same time, they consider infinite vector images as building materials, explore the multiple paths to bringing virtual images back to the material world, and break the boundary between image and space. DAS understands urban studies as an experience and narrative with open forms and conducts experiments through various media such as architectural models, art installations, comics, and books. They are my favorite studio!

TURNER.WORKS | London, England

Founded by Carl Turner.

“We sketch, draw, and make models. We create buildings to live in, work in, and learn in. We map out spaces and places.”Turner Works

TURNER.WORKS says that over the last 12 years, they’ve grappled with shipping containers, car parks, and old agricultural buildings. In this process, They’ve built spaces and places from scratch. Every project has brought them together with like-minded organizations, enterprising local people, and partners who share their imagination, determination, and ambition. As if they are catching a moment between life and their design in their visualizations. A lively moment and place. And they are showing this moment to us from a different perspective.

AMAA | Arzignano, Italy

Founded by Marcello Galiotto and Alessandra Rampazzo.

AMAA a collaborative architecture office for research and development, was created in 2012. I think that their models are very impressive. Their material choices represent so good their design so well. They are more than representation. They say about their models in an interview;

“The model is, in addition to that, the first approach to the study of the site and territory and his morphology. At the same time, it is a direct contact with materials. In this respect, our affection to concrete approaches us to a material we use for the building too, making us understand his properties and potentialities. The model is functional to a double research, the first one, more specific on the project, and the latter one, related to the material expressive language: these are also the backbone of our reflection in the architectural practice.”Alessandra Rampazzo

CHVOYA | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Founded by Sergey Aksenov George Snezhkin and Ilya Spiridonov.

CHVOYA is a small studio for good architectural design founded in 2009. I find it impressive that their representations were created with their unique people and plant representations.

AFAB STUDIO | Granada, Spain

Founded by Aitor Frías and Joaquin Perailes.

AFAB, founded in 2017, is a Spanish contemporary architecture firm. They are a team that has many awards in various subjects. I think their visualizations are more than representations. So they aren’t representing an existing place. As if they are producing a new idea.

OUEST | Brussels, Belgium

Founded by Stephane Damsin and Jan Haerens.

OUEST, founded in 2009, focuses on topics and projects around architecture, culture and society; ranging from built works to research and curatorial programs. They have visualization created with various methods. You can come across a model, a collage, and a diagram to inspire you between their representations.

That’s it. Hope the list inspired you <3

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