Refund Policy

We try our best to make sure you are having a satisfactory experience on our Site. Based on this principle; we encourage our Creators to be explanatory as much as possible. In addition to the Creator’s explanation of their product, we ask Creator to fill in a piece of obligatory information about the basic specification and how to use their product.

However, considering the nature of digital products, we are not able to offer a refund for purchases besides the expectations below;

1. Delivery Issues

All of our products are uploaded to third-party services prior to being available on the Site and in the vast majority of cases the product you have purchased will be available to download in minutes. Although it’s a rare case, from time to time we might experience shortages or critical errors with our own servers or our service providers. If the product is not available for you to download within the following 2 hours of the purchase, it’s considered a Delivery Issue and your purchase is eligible for a refund in 3-days.

2. Double Purchase

Our system is designed to prevent buying the same product more than one time. In some rare cases, our prevention system might fail or there might some technical issue with a payment provider. In these cases, your purchase is eligible for a refund in 3-days.

3. Product-Related Problems

With these kinds of problems, we suggest you first contact the Creator who is the respective owner of the product. In case of the Creator is not able to resolve the problem and there is an obvious misleading in the description or the images provided, the product you purchased is eligible for a refund within 3-days.

Please note that the misleading must be objective such as;

“The downloaded file is not the same as the images shown on the product page”,

“The downloaded file does not include one or more mentioned formats in the description and the Creator refuses to provide it”

and any subjective opinions are not considered as a product-related problem. Such as;

“I don’t need the file anymore”

“I didn’t like the quality”

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, you can contact us at [email protected]

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