12 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Architectural Inspiration

Like, save and share! If you're looking for architectural inspiration, there's nothing better than the app you look at every moment of the day. In this article, we have brought together the most unique Instagram accounts for you!

Instagram has become the fastest and most effective application to get inspiration on any subject. There are thousands of accounts, especially about architecture, where you can reach an incredible amount of material by just swiping.

In this article, instead of the ultimate architectural inspiration accounts that we think everyone should follow if they do not already (architectural platforms such as Non-Architecture, Architectural Digest, Arch Daily, and Design Milk, or architectural practices such as Snøhetta, Bjarke Ingels Group and MVRDV, and architectural school accounts such as Bartlett and SCI-Arc) we focused on lesser-known yet inspiring accounts.

1. Drawing Matter

Drawing Matter Instagram Drawing Matter Instagram Feed

Drawing Matter is an organization that explores the role of drawing in architectural theory and practice through its amazing archive. Their Instagram feed is full of interesting and unique architectural drawings with the most informative explanations. Their website hosts the contributions of a range of experts who write about the materials in the collection and select drawings of the week. If you are interested in architectural thought, history, and representation, or aspire to be an academician, we highly recommend you follow this account.

2. Berry Dijkstra

Berry Dijkstra Instagram Berry Dijkstra Instagram Feed

This one is for your eyes only! Berry Dijkstra is a composition artist who collects and assembles architectural materials and objects in unique ways. They are architectural collages that come to life.

3. Kontextur

Berry Dijkstra Instagram Kontextur Instagram Feed

Kontextur is a unique digital architectural magazine based in Leipzig and Berlin. They keep their Instagram feed aesthetically pleasing while sharing architectural knowledge more openly. They are focused on collecting different works around the world, giving a voice to young designers, and building a new platform for architecture that you should check out!

4. Accidentally Wes Anderson

Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram Feed

Accidentally Wes Anderson is an Instagram account featuring stunning photographs of real-life places that seem plucked from esteemed director Wes Anderson’s imagined world. It’s a curated, collaborative feed of submitted photographs that anyone can contribute to. The shared photographs of places around the world became a new travel guide for adventurers. They published a book that tells the extraordinary and unexpected true stories behind more than two hundred stunning locations with a foreword from Wes Anderson himself (how cool is that?).

5. A Series of Rooms

A Series of Rooms Instagram A Series of Rooms Instagram Feed

A Series of Rooms is an account that showcases a collection of domestic spaces and exploration into the imagination of the housing archetype as portrayed in art, media, and human studies. Their feed is full of art and food for thought.

6. Design Earth

Design Earth Instagram Design Earth Instagram Feed

Design Earth is a collaborative architectural practice that aims to open up a range of aesthetic and political concerns for architecture and urbanism with their amazing representations. Design Earth’s style is so particular and the account reflects that. Each post tells a different story from their one-of-a-kind perspective of architectural representation. We highly recommend checking their account out for some architectural inspiration.

7. Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon Instagram Jaime Hayon Instagram Feed

Jaime Hayon, a versatile artist and designer, has designed countless pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, and home accessories, hotel interiors, retail shops, a line of ceramics, installations, exhibitions, shoes and his collection of timepieces. His style is bold, fun, whimsical, and inspirational for everyone who is into design.

8. Toffu

Toffu Instagram Toffu Instagram Feed

Toffu‘s Instagram account is an architectural representation platform that shares amazing illustrations, collages, renders, and diagrams of architecture students and professionals, all around the world. If you are interested in what is new in inspiring architectural representations, we highly recommend checking it out!

9. Picassizmo

Picassizmo Instagram Picassizmo Instagram Feed

Picassizmo is an amazingly curated art platform for young artists to get featured and one of the most aesthetically pleasing accounts in Instagram with its color-coded feed. Maybe not for direct architectural inspiration but it would inspire you to create art.

10. Supra Order

Supra Order Instagram Supra Order Instagram Feed

Supra Order is an inquiry about architectural orders, isotropic grids, and plan strategies. The account showcases one of the most important elements of architectural representation in a very aesthetic way. Plus, you can swipe to see the actual buildings to which the plans belong. It’s an original and interesting account to follow.

11. Hidden Architecture

Hidden Architecture Instagram Hidden Architecture Instagram Feed

Hidden Architecture define their work as resistance, an attempt to make visible the difference in architectural practice to provide a deserved value to certain projects and concepts subtracted from the academic narrative. They oppose media determining over the last decades what is interesting in architecture and what is not, and they do this on Instagram where looks are everything! Their feed is all about unique, unseen works of architecture around the world that you want to learn more about.

12. Conformi

Conformi Instagram Conformi Instagram Feed

Conformi uses an immense visual repertoire to combine two photos, intertwining the veins of architecture, design, history and sometimes even politics in one post. The chosen photograph duos are always in a formal relationship in a way, that allows you to think in networks of relationships- which is an important skill in architectural practice. After you spend some time in the account, it makes you think that, eventually, everything is connected.

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